1. Are there any pre-requisites to joining the classes?

Interest and curiosity are the only pre-requisites to our classes. The teaching musicians in our collective are experienced in teaching students of all levels (from novice to diploma/varsity level), and we make it our focus to provide the optimal level of teaching for each individual student.

2. Are the classes suitable for children or adult? If children how young?

Majority of the courses are suitable for schooling children to adults. Each of the courses will indicate age suitability. In addition, we are able to conduct classes in many languages such as Malay, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkian and Teochew, this ensures we can communicate effectively and accurately to each student.

3. I don’t know if my child/myself have the talent, is there an assessment prior to commencing the classes?

As long as there is interest, we will find out together in the lessons. Our teaching musicians are experienced educators and will be able to provide the best-fit level of education for students of all levels (novice to diploma/varsity level). Some talents are hidden and it needs to be found!

4. What if my child is faster/slower than the average student in the class?

Our lessons are 1-to-1 therefore the student will receive undivided attention during lessons instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailored fit!

5. Can my child be accredited for the skills learnt here?

Yes, we cater to the syllabus of external accreditation board including ABRSM and Trinity College London. By specific request we can cater to the requirement of other examination boards as well, just discuss with the teacher.

6. What are the advantages of your courses compared to more conventional music centers?

As a non-profit collective, we are able to put quality ahead of quantity. The musicians in the collective are admitted by invitation/audition only. This ensures the quality of the teachers are top-notched. In addition, the musicians in the collective are seasoned performers with international experience and we are confident that this extra edge enables us to better build competent practical musicians out of the students.

7. What is the fee basis and structure?

We are a collective of musicians and the classes offered here are charged according to the teaching musician’s level and experience, instead of the student’s level. We endeavor to provide the best education at all levels – teaching a Novice is as important, if not more so than coaching diploma level student. The fee goes to the musician 100%. This will help local musicians especially in this tried times of COVID.

8. What isn’t the fee based upon the student’s grade/level?

The fee is for the time and expertise of the teaching musician. Our teaching musicians are able to teach from novice to diploma/varsity level, and thus provide optimal level of teaching to students of all levels. Teaching a novice is as important as teaching a professional, hence, the fee are flat across all levels of students and solely dependent on the specific instructor.

9. Is there trial class being offered?

Yes. We are able to offer paid trial classes. We recommend students to take at least 2 trial classes before committing to regular/recurring lessons.

10. What can be expected from the lessons?

As the lessons are 1-to-1, tailored experience is to be expected. Having said that all our lessons will cover fundamentals, technique, tasteful aesthetics, interpretation and performance. This ensures students will receive a holistic music education. Students can learn at their own pace in a respectful and safe environment we provide.

11. What do I need to prepare for the lessons?

For online lessons:

  1. Stable internet connection
  2. Comfortable space with good ventilation and lighting for the student, preferably within the same room as the internet router
  3. TWO devices – 1 for accompaniment playback and 1 for lesson
  4. Dress comfortably

12. Is online class effective at all?

Yes. Online format has opened up more pedagogy options in terms of multimedia and resources. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, teachers have learnt how to improve online teaching and has made optimisation to the lessons.

So what are you waiting for? Give the music classes a try and start your music learning journey with us 🙂