Fusion of poetry and music

  • Duration
  • Tailored Level
  • Medium of instructions: English, Mandarin, Cantonese
  • Financial Arrangement: Honorarium and/or Ticketed
  • Art Songs Langauges: German, Italian, Mandarin, English, Bahasa

The intricacies of language and the nuances of poetry, takes on an additional layer of artistic input when delivered with music. In this program, the poetry will be translated into English and/or Mandarin. The presenter will share with the audience the background, context, subtext and personal take on the poems, before sharing the musical elements in relation to the poetry. Audience are encouraged to also share their thoughts. It is truly an interactive and relaxed session.

Track Record:

Public (Ticketed)

  • 淺酌詩曲-舒伯特篇 – Eslite Spectrum, Starhill KL (23rd April 2023)
  • The Schubert Session – The Monument Music Academy, Melaka (3rd March 2023)
  • Poetic Nuances 诗情话意 – Bentley Music (4th Sept 2022)
  • The Schubert Session – Dou Houz KL (26th June 2022)
  • 紡車·美男·玫瑰~舒伯特藝術歌曲分享會 – Cite Book Garden (23rd April 2022)
  • Dichterliebe (Schumann) – Mano Thinking Megazine Centre (28th April 2019)
  • Dichterliebe (Schumann) – Rumah Attap Library (3rd Feb 2019)

Online (Youtube Video in between Covid MCO)

  • ChamberLied Session 3: Mozart’s “Pieces for Friends” (11th Dec 2021)
  • ChamberLied Session 2: Strauss, Wolf, Czerny & Liszt (14th Nov 2021)
  • ChamberLied Session: The Schubert Session (30th Oct 2021)