A different kind of R&B

  • Duration: Typically 60 minutes
  • Format: Lecture recitals or purely concert
  • Tailored level: Novice, Varsity
  • Medium of Instructions: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin
  • Financial Arrangements: For Hire and/or Ticketed

In this series, we focus on music from the 16th to mid-18th century Europe, and the specific content can be tailored to the desired level, from novice or young audience which aims for leisure with knowledge enrichment; to varsity undergraduates that will contain more specificity and focus areas. Sessions will typically include concise lectures, guided listening, show-&-tell, live demonstrations and performances.

We often collaborate with early music specialist from abroad (for example Ibrahim Aziz from London and Dr. Yi-Li Chang from Taiwan) and synergies with local enthusiasts to attained historically informed performance. We also uses period instruments including lute, viola da gamba, baroque recorders and baroque flute, whenever appropriate and possible.

If you wish to widen the horizons of your students, or just seeking classy entertainment for friends and families, or simply looking for an enriching activity for your employees, do consider hiring us to facilitate the lecture recitals..

Track Record:

Public (Ticketed):

  • Byrd Songs (Sept, 2022),
  • R&B at Bobos (May, 2022),
  • R&B Gems at Dou Houz (May, 2022)
  • R&B 200 (Dec, 2021)

Learning Institutions (Hired):

  • Music Society, Muar (Nov, 2022)
  • Music Faculty, UiTM (Oct, 2022)
  • Music Faculty, UPM (May 2022)
  • SEGI College, (Sept, 2019)
  • Ann Perreau’s Music School, PJ (May, 2018)
  • KL Hainan Social Club, (Aug 2018)


Byrd Songs at Sculptureatwork, Kuala Lumpur (September 2022)
R&B Gems AT bobos music studio, klang (may 2022)
Music Faculty, University Putra Malaysia (May 2022)
R&B Gems at Dou Houz, Kuala Lumpur (May, 2022)
R&B 200 Lecture Recital, KAMIKITA Book Festival, Muar (December 2019)